Quality Policy

Goel TMT goes through rigorous quality checks at each stage of production. Starting from Raw Materials to finished product, it goes through various quality checks. At the raw material stage, the material goes through rigorous chemical and visual checks, at the manufacturing stage, our team of technicians check the process parameters like the temperature of the bar, the diameter, etc., and finally the pre-dispatch quality check, which includes testing of physical and chemical properties of the bars. Our Testing Laboratory boasts the use of State-of-the-art testing facilities like the Spectro Metal Analyzer used for chemical analysis, two fully computerized UTM-100 MT capacity machines for testing the physical properties of the bar.

Quality Check Process.

Chake Flow Chart
QC Check Point Activity
01 Chemical Analysis of Iron Ore
02 Chemical Analysis of Coal, Pellets & Dolomite
03 Monitoring Process Parameters to Ensure Desired Finish Product
04 Chemical Analysis of Sponge Iron
05 Chemical Analysis of manganese Ore & Finished Product
06 In Process Chemical of Liquid Metal & Refining for Desired Properties.
07 Temperature Check, Chemical Analysis & Visual Inspection of Billets
08 Re-heating Furnace Temperature Check
QC Check Point Activity
09 Checking of Stock Size
10 Temperature Monitor at Entry in Thermex.
11 Monitoring of Thermex Pipe
12 Temperature Monitor at Exit of Thermex.
13 Equalizing Temperature Monitor.
14 Checking of Section weight and Bar Straightness
15 Final Physical And Chemical Analysis of Finished Product.
16 Heat Number wise Stocking at Finished Material Yard