TMT Rebars

TMT Rebars

FE 550 D Rebars are used to make Heavy Structures such as bridges and structures that require a high load bearing capacity. They are also used in High Rise buildings due to their load bearing capacity and ductility.

GOEL TMT FE 550 D Rebars offer much more of everything. Be it strength, durability, ductility or bonding with concrete, GOEL TMT offers best quality FE 550 D Steel Rebars.



GOEL TMT 550 D grade rebars with minimum Yeild strength of 550 ensures extra load carrying capacity in comparison to 500 D grade with minimum Yeild strength of 550.



High quality TMT bars manufactured in fully integrated steel plant ensures minimum UTS/Ys ratio of >=1.15 . Higher gap between Ys and UTS results in higher ductility of Rebars.



Additional load carrying capacity of GOEL TMT rebars leads to fewer number of rebars or reduced diameter results in upto 6% saving on steel quantity.

TMT of Fe 550 D And Fe 600/ CRS Grades
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 16
  • 20
  • 25
  • 28
  • 32


  IS:1786 Goel TMT Fe550D
Chemical Properties Fe550D Fe550D
%Carbon (max) .25 .15 -.22
%Sulphur (s)(max) .040 .025 -.035
%Phosphorus (P) (max) .040 .025 -.035
% S & P (max) 0.075 .070(max)
  IS:1786 Goel TMT Fe550D
Mechanical Properties Fe550D Fe550D
Yield Stress 550 560-600
%Elongation (min) 14.5 16-20
TS/YS >1.08 1.15-1.20
Total Elongation 5 6-8


CRS Grade TMT Rebars are typically used in coastal areas where there is high salinity and acid content in the air. Corrosion resistant elements such as Copper, Chromium and Phosphorous are added to make Goel TMT Bars corrosion free. This makes Goel TMT Bars suitable for use in coastal areas and also in construction of Bridges and Dams.


Goel TMT CRS Bars are produced in state of the art production line by using corrosion resistant elements like Copper, Chromium and Phosphorous in right proportions.

The state of the art Integrated Steel Plant enables us to control the quality of the CRS Grade Rebars consistently. Goel TMT CRS Rebars are made from billets manufactured in our plant using top quality sponge iron. Sponge iron is produced using iron ore from our own mines in Chhattisgarh. Corrosion resistant elements like copper, phosphorous and chromium are added in right proportions to make the steel corrosion resistant. The Thermo-mechanically Treated Bars produced using Thermax Quenching system provides excellent mechanical properties and provide high strength and ductility.

Goel TMT CRS Rebars have passed rigorous testing conditions like exposure to salt water, various atmospheric conditions and comply to IS: 1786-2008 specifications.

    Goel TMT Fe550D CRS
Chemical Properties   Fe550D CRS
% Carbon (max)   .15 (Max)
% Sulphur (s)(max)   .040 (Max)
% Phosphorus (P) (max)   .085 to .100
% Silicon (Si)   .15
% Manganese (Mn)   .55 to .65
% Chromium (Cr)   .20 to .30
% Copper (Cu)   .15 to .25
% S & P (max)   .070 (max)
  IS:1786 Goel TMT Fe550D CRS
Mechanical Properties Fe550D CRS Fe550D CRS
Yield Stress (min) 550 560-600
%Elongation (min) 14.5 16-20
TS/YS >1.08 1.15-1.20
Total Elongation(min) 5 6-8