We Care for Children

Education plays a huge role in this modern industrialized world. It is very important for children as it helps them to think critically. It enhances their creativity and imagination and exposes them to new ideas. It also helps them find the path to a career that they wish to pursue once they grow up. Even today, many kids are deprived of proper education in rural areas. Our CSR Team surveys places where they don’t have schools or proper facilities, and along with the local community’s help, come up with a strategy to help kids get the proper education. Once we have all the information we need, our CSR team swings into action. We deploy our Santas on the sleigh with the building blocks of sustainable development through free education, school buildings, free books, school uniforms, literacy classes and, even distribute LED lamps to kids who don't have electricity at home. While we don't measure our CSR activities in terms of stats and figures and milestones, a smile on the face of a single child laced with tools of its better tomorrow makes each endeavor joyful and worthwhile.